August 4th - 6th 2023

Paying up to 10 places plus a huge BIG FISH cash prize, the Mississippi River Monsters Mega Bucs Tournament Event will prove to be like no other event yet exprienced in the world of trophy catfish tournament competition.

With a purse totaling $125,000 and a first place cash prize of $50,000, tournament catfishing is about to make a giant step forward.

Welcome to the evolution of tournament catfishing... Welcome to MRM's Mega Bucs Vicksburg 2023!

Based on 50, 3 person teams competing in the 2023 MRM Mega Bucs Vicksburg Tournament, the following places and payouts will be awarded:

1st Place          $50,000.00

2nd Place         $20,000.00

3rd Place          $15,000.00

4th Place          $10,000.00

5th Place          $  5,000.00

6th Place          $  4,000.00

7th Place          $  3,500.00

8th Place          $  3,000.00

9th Place          $  2,500.00

10th Place        $  2,000.00

BIG FISH          $  5,000.00

Payouts are based on 50, 3 person teams. If in the event less teams participate with this event, payouts and the number of places to be awarded can change.